Hello, everyone! I am Chandramohan Ikkurthi founder of onlineblogs.in and having two more websites. First of all thanking all for visiting my site and I hope you love my content.


I have completed my 10th class in the Board of Secondary Grade Education and maintaining Medical, Transport, Food, Beverages and now blogs.

In My Intention:

Make everyone to think, mobility and motivational.

Earlier Life:

I was born in the middle-class family. Which is in Narasaraopet in Guntur District in Andhra Pradesh in India. I am the second one of my family. I have only one sister. We are two children are there with my parents.  Since I always school first in my childhood. Apart from the academic games, sports, such as karate, also have been before. Our parents are very happy to see it. As well as friends to me even more. I was 7 years old my father died. Educate us since our mother. Our stay at the same time our uncle took our responsibility. I’ve done it this way for 10th class.

Intermediate reads the medical field to joined in the private medical attention. I am 7 years training at one of representative. In that time, each one small aspect became very thorough medical learned that give to the success of 100% on the field.  In this time our uncle married to my sister. After some time I married. Shortly after, the Office of Transport together with an uncle and I’ve run over 25 years. And 3 years of medical practice start at the same time I have to run. Meanwhile, the sudden death of our mother and giving him to someone else with the Medical Business Loss contribute to the well. Transport office also holds after 10 years. Beverages made at the urging of a friend to start a business. Tap the No.1 place in the business for just 1 year to come. Meanwhile, the sudden termination of partnerships was my friend. Again business has become Loss. As soon as it stopped. Until then it had to sell properties making. Another friend, who gave me a little more time with losses of Advice have to start with the food section. Short Period 1 Year in the well has been on. But the loss was due to the workers. 4 Different Types of Business in 3 times in a row to run my brilliance and the success of its also a lot of my friends just lost without my involvement.

Since then till now I am in this for 3 years in terms of family, financially, emotionally, physically, in many ways, I am suffering. Not a cent in my hand. Would mean too much to think about what to do. If I have only one daughter.  Now she is studying. That accumulated mean for her future, I am very suffering choose any field would make me sick. At this time I would spend a lot more time on the Internet. 2 Years after my long effort to prepare a qualified trainer learned at the blogs. To do a good grip as a blogger, now I have a website of their own sector, I start with the onlineblogs.in this purpose.

Aim of onlineblogs.in Website :

The main aim of the onlineblogs.in is to really build with best in mind.

Extracted and the underlying capabilities inherent in every one of their personality, as well as others in the community, to use and to customize to motivate. Balancing life as well as to their earnings. As well as of my thoughts, ideas, objectives enshrined in the contents in each category.

This is the multi-categorized website and I will try to your best levels in providing like as News, Politics, Movies, Health, and Technology. We hope you will find it useful.